139 companies (and growing!) that are building AuthenTech.


The intimacy app for partners - the activity app for engagement with tools and games to make sexy chat more delicious ❤️‍🔥😈❤️‍🔥

Archer Connections

Connecting People with Purpose - Archer Connections is a Technology Staffing and Search firm that's focused on connecting mission and purpose driven...

Are You Shining

A holistic wellness app to help women and friends stay on top of self-care, while teaching them to integrate micro-mindfulness and research from...

Atelier App

Home Design Platform Powered by a community-driven ethical and sustainable marketplace


Hiring without Bias. Before is a talent matching platform with the mission to end bias in the hiring process

Beyond Normal Media

Highlighting business that are minority owned and operated that leverage all the tools now to service their customers.

Blink Date

Audio-first speed dating

Blue Fever

Blue Fever is a group journaling app where teens can emotionally relate to each other without judgement. We are a toxic-free platform to share your...


Bosa is a team optimization tool that automates finding and completing tasks so that people can focus on the work that matters most. Our vision is...


We're all competitors - we just forget it sometimes

Bundle Benefits

The Bundle Benefit is a work-life benefit that provides experiences to employees, their families, and their work teams through Bundle Breaks...

Cascadia Carbon Inc.

We build climateTech


Designed for and inspired by its Gen Z founders, the Chances app fires up a variety of relationships from friendships, to study buddies, to dating ...


No-code, affordable permitting and licensing software for local governments.


We envision a world where citizens are empowered to hold large organizations accountable, and where corporations are adequately disincentivized from...


Co-CreatED is an online platform transforming professional development by bringing the best providers together in one simple site, making the...

Collective Flow Consulting aka coflowco

Mission driven management consultancy. The tech side is still idea stage but have a few apps that align with our mission: is to achieve equal...

Community Weekly

Publication that helps creators survive the period when everything they do seems like shouting into the void of internet.


Crew is a career design platform. We combine design thinking, coaching, and small professional groups ("crews") to help people design careers they...


In a world where recipe ideas and food are abundant but disconnected our brand, Culineer helps people who want to cook streamline the process by...

Daily Haloha

Daily Haloha is a routine of collective reflection and sharing based on a single thought provoking question to the world each day. Our mission is to...

Digital Wellness Institute

to educate leaders to assess and address digital wellness through our online platform


We create immersive experiences connecting travelers to authentic experiences in Cabo Verde, The Netherlands, Sao Tome e Principe, and Peru. We...


Edify is a developer enablement platform that helps engineering teams onboard and grow their talent.


Essteem organizes social impact-driven Equalithons (hackathons for equality) to connect overlooked diverse tech talent to tech companies committed...


Eliminate the barriers of exercise for all, especially those with injuries, disabilities, and health conditions who need easier access to home...


FLIK is a platform & community hub connecting female founders/leaders and students across the world via meaningful apprenticeships. Founders get...

Family Proud

Family Proud® is a platform that facilitates virtual community. We aim to give all members a sense of support and belonging, and increase their...


Foods Pass is a fintech startup based in Los Angeles, CA. In 2020, we created the first Visa® cashback card and savings club for food, offering...


Software to report and track interpersonal violence to increase safety, improve solvability of crimes and improve justice outcomes for survivors and...

Fresh Chalk

At Fresh Chalk, we believe the best recommendations come from friends. Our mission is to help you find the best products and professionals for home...


World's First Blockchain-Attached Storage Solution. By the People, for the People.


GIVESPACE was birthed with the goal of giving companies and their communities an easy way to give back and make an impact, together.


Support young people in building their best life


To facilitate the discovery of local artwork in real-time based on a users geographic location


A conversation platform for communities


Career Growth Platform for Women in STEM+


Equip every creator with the skills, mindset, and opportunities for a fulfilling career


We are a platform that connects people with HR coaches to grow, develop, and navigate workplace issues. We're on a mission to level the playing...


Creating an App to give and receive positive energy everyday

Herd social

Find people that share your interests


nKind is a platform for organizing support for anyone, from anywhere. Each InKind page allows friends, families, and communities to provide help in...

Inspiration Space

We're an educational platform and community that exists to democratise entrepreneurship for the progress of all.


Intentionalist is built on one simple idea: where we spend our money matters. We make it easy to find, learn about, and support small businesses and...

Jaago LLC

Jaago's mission is to create a world where people seek to understand one another. We are aiming to achieve this by making empathy a daily habit and...


Joyn is a workplace culture platform that helps companies create an equitable future of work by empowering those that shape it.

KOYA Innovations, Inc.

KOYA makes it easy to connect in meaningful ways. Our patent-pending technology bridges the distance making it possible for people to intentionally...


KeepWOL is an experiential talent development platform that maximizes cultural intelligence in the workplace. Our solution enables recurring guided...


Kilo is an app for men to track qualitative data on a daily basis in order to become mentally healthier and happier. Our mission is to help men...


Lalo is a platform focused on remembrance and grief.

Latudio, LLC

a language acquisition community with multiple platforms for building relationships in a second language


Mission: We make social media work for B2B ... but the real ‘magic’ is in our orientation around community as our path to growth - bringing...

LifeWeb 360

Their life, everyone's memories—LifeWeb 360 is a collaborative storytelling platform for life's milestone moments. LifeWeb harnesses the outpouring...

Little Kanga Ltd / StartUp Disruptors (Brand)

We are on a mission to enable social mobility, inclusion, diversity and parity for minorities and women in business; in the U.K and globally. In...


Rebuilding the social fabric in local communities by helping people discover much more of their community than they realize.


To build discoverable, self-directed networks of life-long learners


A safe, authentic, and intentional social platform that centers underrepresented people, rewards kindness, expertly curates on-trend content, and...

Marco Polo

Helping people feel close with authentic communication on your own time


Headquartered in Amsterdam, Mentorjam is a Saas Mentoring and Community-building platform. Their digital software solutions offer a unique approach...


Career mentorship for under-networked tech workers


Merrative is a community of avid readers to discuss ideas from digital content like news, books, articles across tech, poetry, business, fiction etc.


Mohm is a curated community for new parents that fills the gap between “Dr. Google” and social media with pediatrician- and expert-moderated group...

MyLibrarian Inc.

MyLibrarian is a ML/AI book discovery product and platform that uses big data and expert librarian brains to disrupt a $40B industry, and is poised...


A well-being company at the intersection of Wellness and Social Justice. We're presently building a fitness tech product for BIPOC folks ages 20-45

Of All Trades

A community-centric social platform focused on incentivizing investing knowledge for novice and experienced investors.


Focused on making climate-friendly food accessible, approachable, and fun. Working with consumers and farmers


Oneself seeks to empower people to find the conversation that inspires them to be their true selves.


OwnTrail is a peer-to-peer support system that drives meaningful personal and professional development for women. Through OwnTrail's proprietary...


Parousia streams audio journeys to help with calm, anxiety, relaxation and confidence.


Patter helps teams spend less time in meetings by giving meeting organizers the right tools to optimize their work.

Pause and Thrive

Helping Women Entrepreneurs To Save Time And Harmonize Masculine and Feminine Energies


Building better inter-personal relationships through psychology backed games and activities

Peep Connect Inc

Managing SMB web3 loyalty


Peerzee is founded on the power of real human connection and the healing and growth we can discover from each other. There are far too many of us...

Percent Pledge

Percent Pledge powers customized social impact programs, helping companies authentically improve employee engagement, employee retention, & employer...

Peña & Co.

Mission – To be the most trusted destination for all first-gen students and professionals by lighting their paths to success. / Description - Our...

Pidge Post

Greeting card subscription and milestone reminder service leveraging tech to more meaningfully connect, offline

Piffle Inc.

building socially connected workplaces

PopSmartKids, Inc

PopSmartKids is reimagining screentime to inspire the budding creators, writers and thinkers of tomorrow.


Possible helps people explore multiple career paths before they commit to a job or skill training. In what is normally an isolating search for...

ProTeam Edge

Data & document collaboration network, community and marketplace where members team-up with their trust circles to share opportunities, relevant...

Products by Women

At Products by Women we on a mission to help women recognize gaps in their skills and connect them to mentors, jobs and training opportunities to...

Project Erostribe

Project Erostribe is a tech based art collective out to change the world through the merger of tech and art.

Project Untaboo, Inc.

Boldly Innovating New Cycles for Period Equity / Trusted platform for individuals to discover and curate their period lifestyle

Prowess Project

Help women balance career & time for family on their terms.


Connecting new people moving to new places, together.

Reel You

The personal media app with a social conscience. Create and capture moments of your life without taking you away from it.

Remote Creative Work

Helping creative professionals win more work


Retrospect is a black-owned, experimental studio that builds platforms for economic empowerment and technological innovation. We focus on connecting...


Ripplfect reduces waste from single-use coffee cups by incentivizing users to bring reusables to cafes with rewards. Our tech-enabled program allows...


DEMOCRATIZING INTERIOR DESIGN, everyone can afford a well-styled home. We empower Women-led small business Interior Designers & Freelancers to...

Ruth Health

Ruth Health is a centralized AI platform where womxn can book same-day pregnancy coaching and schedule medical house call appointments in 2 minutes...

SAYge Link

We are a digital platform connecting women for real conversations on targeted issues. Our aim is to spread social capital, inspire and empower...

SAYge Link

Digital matching platform connecting women for real and valuable conversations on targeted topics.


Educational resource platform and marketplace


Book spontaneous photoshoots in picturesque spots.


We are a female owned tech company designed to elevate the playing field for women who are suffering from Burnout.

SheTransacts Inc.

AI SaaS real time incubation, communication and investment platform. Fostering a more sustainable and prosperous startup ecosystem for ALL.

Shine Registry

Shine Registry is a growing gift registry for founders, small businesses, and the communities that care about them. You can ask for a gravy boat...

Skillspire LLC

Skillspire’s mission is to advance the careers and futures of underrepresented talent: women, immigrants, and people of color. We envision a tech...

Snowball Wealth

Snowball Wealth is a community-first mobile app that moves people from debt to wealth.

Soapbox Project

Social impact for busy people


Building a platform for cross-group communication to simplify coordination for networks solving big problems.

Solo Wave

Solo Wave is an inclusive community platform that is empowering women to create profound solo experiences. Our mission is to connect women explorers...

Sparkles Dating

Experience dating powered by AI


An audio-first dating app. that focuses on creating genuine and authentic connections, coaching, and community. Date people, not profiles.


Stalgia is a collaborative journal for logging & sharing memories with the people you make them with.


Mission-driven employee and client gifting made easy.

Story Dating

Re-humanizing dating with a voice-first experience.


helping professionals transition to data science and analytics


Storyvine is a Guided Video system with an easy-to-use app that lets anyone, anywhere capture and create polished & edited videos in just minutes...

Stubborn Heart Consulting LLC

Building the least exclusive, most fulfilling community yet...designed to bring people across lines of difference together to explore topics of...


Supporti helps goal-oriented people stick to daily actions by pairing them up as mutual accountability partners through a mobile app.


Mission: To maximize moments experienced (now and in future, within planetary bounds) | Description: software for remote employees, namely an agenda...

TAILORU Collective

TAILORU is a collective of designers and researchers who help equity-driven startups save time and money by launching their digital products with...


To create a healthier world through sports

The Accelerator Rap Challenge

National contest for undergrads interested in social justice, entrepreneurship, and the creator economy that helps girls and kids of color see...

The PS Collective

The PS Collective is an online marketplace powered by the latest AI and computer vision technology that uses real measurements detected by images of...

The Verse

The Verse: An ecosystem for the development of digital experiences that shift health and consciousness. Guided by our "verse building in the open"...

The Village App

To rebuild the sense of community by allowing people to easily create and reach their support network.


The Economic Engine for Women. An eCommerce site for women-owned businesses to sell products and professional services.


Help busy folks make the most of each day - no matter what kind of day they're having.

Tonic Audio Labs

We make audio collaboration easy peasy


Mentorship has always a been a means to share knowledge and wisdom. However, unlike traditional mentorship programs based on titles, hierarchy and...

Untitled: The Art Investment Platform

Wealth Creation geared toward Women through Alternative Assets in Art

Viyoma Manufacturing Private Limited

Grow our manufacturing company to include a diverse workforce and support female innovators by investing capital in hardware-focused startups.


Social audio for creators to build communities and monetize their content 👌🏾

We Sparkle

We are building a stronger and more inclusive intention economy by equipping underestimated entrepreneurs with the AI-powered software tools they...

With Pulp

Helping creative professionals leverage Web, Mobile and the Blockchain to build great digital products.


We help arts and cultural organizations make valuable and authentic connections with their audience.

Yocal / Keep Local Alive

Putting the WHY into Local

Your Modern Library

Multicultural, inclusive media review and marketplace that fosters character values and critical thinking


Our mission is to support people with period pain by creating community and building products from our lived experiences, cultural wisdom, and...


When it comes to coping with cancer, we could all use a bud. buddhi is a digital wellness companion for adults living with and recovering from...

empowered together

We're a peer-to-peer community for parents of children with special needs. We support each other, learning from one another, and grow together.


A voice-based mobile app that makes it easier to ask for, give, and receive encouragement.


We help companies leverage influence in the markets they care about. I created a community of local "influencers" in Des Moines, Iowa who are using...


A digital pay-what-you-can solution for events, workshops and more.


zanie is an app for slack designed to build empathy, trust, and authentic human connection into remote workspaces through the power of conversation.