AuthenTech is a new category of tech company that prioritizes community, connection and authenticity.

What's AuthenTech?

Yes, there are plenty of "-tech" categories already -- FinTech, HealthTech and EdTech, to name a few. And yet, amidst a sea of technical business models, our society is arguably more lonely, commoditized and disempowered.

People crave a level of authentic connection and they need to come together in uplifting, system-changing ways more than ever before. The existing paradigms are at best not serving these needs, and in many cases exasperating them.

AuthenTech companies prioritize community over audience, intention over attention, and value over profit. This category is emerging not because the world needs another technical business model, but because the world needs inclusive, authentic connections.

It's time for a new way of doing business that centers the human and turns customers from commodities to community members.

The Mission



A focus on building vibrant, supportive communities where members are connected through shared experiences, goals, and perspectives.



Community members define what they need from the company and not the other way around.



We create value by addressing real customer need, recognizing that people are not commodities.